This will be a short follow up on the prior post about Thomas Marsh. It’s key to remember that the event that kicks off the Gentile-dwarves going to the Promised Land and scattering the Lehite remnant is the printing of the Book of Mormon and it then going to the Gentile-dwarves.

Read these words to Martin Harris from D&C 19:

26 And again, I command thee that thou shalt not covet thine own property, but impart it freely to the printing of the Book of Mormon, which contains the truth and the word of God—

27 Which is my word to the Gentile, that soon it may go to the Jew, of whom the Lamanites are a remnant, that they may believe the gospel, and look not for a Messiah to come who has already come.

D&C 19

Per the above, the BoM is God’s word to the Gentile-dwarves. The Gentile-dwarves get it first and then take it to the Promised Land where the Lehite remnant is still living today. The BoM goes from the gentile-dwarves to the Lehite remnant. As a reminder, the Promised Land is not on our globe but instead is another land mass in space, likely the half of Eressea that was sunk.

Back to the BoM. This context around it is important because in the BoM itself, there are many prophecies stating that when the BoM goes to the Gentile-dwarves, it will kickstart the scattering of the Lehite remnant (by the Gentile-dwarves) and pave the way for other writings spoken of to come forth, writings that will go first to the Gentile-dwarves, then to the Lehite remnant, and then to the greater body of scattered Israel.

Those future writings (not the BoM) will contain the fullness of the gospel. Once the Gentile-dwarves receive those other writings, that event will create a judgment day scenario for the Gentile-dwarves who scattered the Lehites back in the 1850s or so. If the gentile-dwarves reject the fullness when it’s given, they will be driven and trodden under foot by the Lehite remnant. But if the gentile-dwarves repent, they will be counted among the Lehite remnant and receive that same Promised Land as their own inheritance.

Per the BoM, some of the gentile-dwarves will repent and some will not. Some will join with the Great and Abominable Church to fight against the Lehite remnant. But the Lehite remnant, side by side with the gentile-dwarves who do repent, will stand against that wicked body and prevail.

So just keep that in mind: the BoM going to the gentile-dwarves was a huge event and really was the primary goal of Joseph Smith’s restoration. Without that occurring, the restoration was essentially an epic failure. But luckily, there’s a good reason to think the gentile-dwarves got the BoM and have already scattered the Lehite remnant.