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Appalled was Nerdanel at her husband’s rancorous discourse, and division-making, even among her own sons; Mahtan rued ever after his instruction, believing (wrongly) that Feanor’s craft- skill came of his own hand’s leading, and here also was another lie set to spawn; the truth as Eru stated plainly was thus otherwise: being frail of mind and nearly burned out of hroa- flesh body, Mahtan was by Feanor invited as mastercraftsman, when to all save he and the daughter-wife, was it plain who truly master, even to encompassing in time the labors and hand-fruits of Aulë, Master Smith; Yet also was Nerdanel untrusted by Feanor, to whom he revealed oaths aplenty, chained upon every Noldo there housed, save his own house’s company; and these she spoke then to her sons, in passing mention, unwisely; and they too pondered what else power-magic to bind had usurped their Vala-thrones, supplanting by legion treasonous, those most faithful to their every decree, in keeping even Melko in their midst, whom they despised, but never to mistreatment, or abuse as rightly and richly rewarded in dispensing;

Whether accurate tales or more lies, none now say; Eru neither will answer their inquiry, saying only, to all [Noldo] save Feanor is the truth revealed, concerning this matter; and none to him will say more;

Rallied in allegiance to oppose his every gesture of good will, all other Noldo there would have no ruler, save the material of Arda herself; Finwë they [had] suffered, to advance their causes, plans, and laws before the Mahanaxar Rings; yet in nothing else otherwise was he obeyed, or neglecting to call for his wise counsel, these Noldo grew amidmost the greatest Vala here stepped, proud, cumbersome to discourse, ill-hearing, vain most, and increasing their jealousy of Powers, and how ruled they over and upon Arda;

Thus Eru divided that house (of Finwë), and set bonds upon them, burdens ancient and still borne, if unrepenting, and disbelieving his (worded) instruction, through Manwë-Varda; the worst offenders he took to himself to rebuke in gentle kindness, and not in wrath, which they being proud, and tender to suffer any slight, would not bear; and those greatest – in self- will, in majesty and lore, and even those repentant of wrong doing upon Valmar’s floors – he himself led across the Grinding Ice, seeking in their passage thus to plant a new house mergent to Thingolsuleman [spirit-blessed], and thereby to bring into redemption all the lost sons and daughters of his own house; the mightiest beyond might, desperate to heal, yet mostly he could not;

Repudiation of their Father’s Folly (as it seemed, at first) set he as a trial to those seven sons; and some seeing no hope of one path or another, idled, knowing no way; others of his sons conceived repentance, but delayed, hoping soon / and shortly after arrival, to fulfill their oath, and then make return, to honor the Valar in gifts, where leaving, they estranged themselves from wisdom, ingratitude being proudly kicked in volley of Mandos’s Doom; The Prophecy of the North hoped they to avert its undertaking, by rapid recovery, in stealth if necessary; and so Madhros went into where forbidden to all was Melko’s Seat, and was himself strung upon a rock shelf, dangled high; being by Fingon his right arm relieved, at the mid joint, his oath was no (longer) running throughout the hroa; and he first of the sons, knew rest therefrom;

Yet as elsewhere I read and hear, those gem-pips are lost, one deep in the mines mazed deeper than Thingol’s caverns; the other, upon waters arest; far from any, and slippery to grasp; the third we know, and see always above, high up gazing down, longing for pip-kindred, silent in remorse and yet unclean never, despite Melkor’s touch, and placing them in mock majesty, to rest at his breast (bonework);

And now unrest has come to the Lonely Isle, to seek at last those lost two, and restore three to Varda, of whose light first was conceived them, saplings of that seed; and this in recompense of their suffering caused, to make whole Arda, and maybe also, her benefactor be called; mastery over Arda’s matter they seek, and this will – Eru whispered in what some may call treasonous fear – comes not of him;

A return they desire, ever to go back to Ancient Days, before strife and loss, and the issuance of Man wheresoever planted; and recall the plenitude, generous days of Arda- springing forth; and neglect her in Autumn, drying out, to whither in cold, and then…what? They ask me, and I say naught, knowing only the One’s purpose: Not to retire governorship, nor mastery to self-willed, unappointed force- majeure; but to supplant again Melko, and this doing by means unconsidered, bringing at last into whole-one, all this creation, and being whole, grown free, good in the sprouting, and kindly nurtured, to withstand by estel in Him, all that evil-working conceives to undertake; and to joys in suffering maladies, brought to show healing; and death too, Eru made, so that a new body in one, not two parts, shall be by him conceived; and not by carrying from Eru-place a corpse to take up; but howso refreshed, he reveals not to me, nor do I inquire; content to ponder, I keep more in my heart, to grow until ripe to giving, or aplanting in other soil-hearts;

And now Eru shall in his recondite wise foresight, bring here to tread, a one not invited. This doing, driving to conclusion one house’s governorship, and the placing of a second there to rule, for a time, appointed in years, ten thousand; and ending in the long distant forth of turning years, all shall hear all my words, and not this but small part; Where the earliest lore of all Mankind has been written; and where prophecies secret still abide, unkept yet, but not for being uncouth; great are thy days hither out-rolling, Man and Elf (as man, or spirit resident); woven through all is Eru’s tune, beyond unmaking, save maybe in void-nothing; and good perishing, arises cleansed, never to encounter that unmaking, for ever after the void dissipates, until in mind, it is not-it, and not even nothing; nor a thought, nor semblanced, and stretched is Eru’s tune, throughout;

Thy days are come to their end, running past [his] keeping, hence forth old friends gather, assembling to guide the days out; until he Thingol arises, whole, to take his seat near Eru, and holding in hand, Melian’s palm, new fleshed;

So they fight, or remonstrances make, reproving without guile, spirits ill-housed, over ages seeming terminal-less; a cock shall cock as it ought, thrice calling down the stars, to set before her son – Varda upraised, who once walked below, lightless; Rest first, then more shall we reveal, our son in the ancient reckoning (laughing).

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