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Now to tidings glad, putting away the dark past, deeds reluctant yet pursuant of necessity’s strength, they were done; being done, let them sit, and their unfolding heirs roll forth upon these pages.

First we speak of Mandos and his Halls’ unraveling, first by Beren-spirit and Luthien his hand-taken guide, being lit amid every darkness, watchful to pitfalls along the way therefrom; and yet more undoing still was the reception of Numenor’s Thieving Host, undead but nowhere else to perjure that Liar Thû’s promised Vala-home, theirs for the making or taking, whichever greatest indeed; so received he, them; and in their keeping, let forth all else, spirits hosted, to wander upon lands westward, ghoulish sprites and maudlin weepers alike, aroam those lands departed, vacant un-hallowed, haunted for an age, to terror where once Man found reception, if only a single one; and he – Vala of Mandos put forth all his strength and mind-will, to their keeping, and still today holds them thus, un-wavering despite long delay of promised return by Vala-friends; and Dooms still he enunciates, at the invitation of Manwë-Beren, and this last one you have in small part received:

Dyon Ruel! Come forth of those Blessed Dead
Upon Eressëa’s sparkling-star harbors,
And return, to a mountain hiking, climbing
High the rock horn, make it so…
Grey Prince Thingol-su being
Yet embodied, untrapped of evil
Foe-kinsmen be, as once thou in grace,
By knife, tooth, and steel accursed
Encircled, escaped; so may he!

And Dyon Ruel came forth, being born a man in England, and a teller of tales divine, comical, and myth-heroic;<strong>5Like anyone with Internet access, I can read that J.R.R. Tolkien was by the United Kingdom’s reckoning, born in Bloemfontein, then within the Orange Free State. An independent Boer republic in southern Africa during the second half of the 19th century, a decade after Tolkien’s birth this state was declared a British colony, and later annexed by South Africa. While legally independent at his birth, a seat of a British Resident was maintained in Bloemfontein, effectively rendering it a colony: if that matters.</strong> so has captured many, enchanted thus yet only suspended so, and not yet firmly set afoot upon Faëry, where few are allowed; And he set bonds upon thy house, and protectors also, so that these tales’ weight might suspend fewer in those Airs above, and thence drawing them down to earth, fire setting all dead things that stand above a mouldering thirst, depriving of water and light, as it were, seeds long ago set and waiting;

Frodo he named himself, Truly a Hobbit, said he of himself, and of the faithful Samwise, astonishing to all watching, came into hobbitry-lore, Caranthir, Feanor’s son; thus ring- tempted, whose brothers succumbed, he arose clean, and was by our ships returned, Exile to Exiled, repentant, whole. No wraith was he, but hunter ever of woods awatching.

It matters not who the Noldo in his stead became wraith, for many might we name in candidacy; Angrod foremost, slave of flesh and to Curufin’s comeuppance, he (the latter) being by the younger subjected; who once misled the youth, on daring scouts, idly tempting him to wicked idolatry, being himself worshipped as divine presence among some Eastern men houseless save huts temporary, and without comfort; that past is no more to be composed here.

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