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inflorientu alzberow grethow inthu missow krepactu pakso

anthu-insu kissil mazbaggu-massu

With dreams themselves, mighty warrior (man) was saved. Adding to those wandering together.
Roundabout speak afterward,

Speaking of them, of itself giving, cutting a justly portioned nether-trade:

nazgu grenthu insu nazdil kremeru piatsu issu-combiatsu kathil glassilu ithme-entu

Nazgul inner-calls out, “bond-friend,” despite a little claw-catch; collecting claw-catches, to these spirits seeming to bring every joy. Themselves among us,

Thingolsu balfor glorientu iz-il-paksu pendilyu rugus blathom peenkuthu

Thingol and powerful-hearted golden ones all-truth-speaking, Both without stopping; Rugus on the bottom floor tiny, discreetly noticed

lufor-alsu zimulof kloshtuz

beside the heavy in heart, ZK

ensu he-altu alzbaggu mathil assu ontu gka-gresh-ku

Then, the other branch of the great trade felt, the spirit begat it ten rumblings:

Miriamsu izilba zhera’-dil zilpharonsu onsu dyacom pagag mahah orihah gilgah

“Miriam, Izilba, Zhera ‘n friend Zilpharon; children Dyacom, Pagag, Mahah, Orihah, Gilgah!”

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