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The fantasies of Dark Eru, who you do not serve, nor shall be in the service of ever after, are these: To say and not to do, to be bound by no oath, yet to take upon oneself oaths aplenty, to name in witness, Eru and Manwe-Varda, yet to despise these names, and to mock them, to see in all things that are, what ought to be by him possessed, and put to his service-purposes; to make of what is, nothing.

These things and more he has undertaken, and among these seeds sprouting are also to be found men implementing his desires. To break the word from the heart, and to make of it a thing to think on, only, yet outside of one’s soul, pondered: this and more he would do, has done, and may yet undertake. But these are fantasies, not everlasting ares, or bes or is-es.

What is has been contrived from words of Eru, and His words they yet remain, resonant, to your flesh, or eyes or ears, delightful, delicious, pleasing, and so forth, for of your flesh is begotten yet again all that shall be, in this New Realm, where light will never more be obtained, save by the flesh, and the flesh, only among the children of Him we name in glory, everlasting, the One, surrounding all things, in all things, and the single hope that obtains whatsoever things that shall be.*

*The darkness comprehends it not.

‡…Peace like a river, runs without end to a greater reservoir, abundant in all that is good, though man knows not save a few, in the brief years mortalized upon Arda.

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