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1 April 2017

Thus we tell how it was Izilba came not to despairing hope in Eressëa, but to a cold shore far from her home, through grief to joy passing under the mountains White, to midwife the son of Miriam, her own foundling; and thence across the river of shades, through darkness into the Netherworld of Thingol King, received alone of mortals therein, to the crowning of the boy Dyacôm, thence discovered by his own mother in a realm of spirit; himself baptized into heirship, as the Ancient Grey Lord passed his last lost land into the hands of flesh, to never build another until the end of days of men; thither into the Lower Airs to await the forthing of Turin his foster son, from the Deeper Channels wherein pass those who brought to an end their own mortality, whether in sound mind or no. For Turin indeed ran upon his own sword, being beguiled thereby its song, telling of all his deeds crooked bent, and that no hope remained, and only evil furthering would his life engender; and too it was added the noxious fume-reek of Glaurung, the Airs about him deceptive to this end.

Later Thingol shall give in recitation his own account to Thurin, and hope shall be renewed in him that has waited in halls without (hope). To Izilba also he told and revealed much, and by her the king- abdicated shall give here a portion of his tale, oldest and strangest among elves. She with her boy-king beside Miriam and her own babe, as has been told, passed down Esgalduin, thence into the East, to come upon Earnu holding vigil over the remains of burned Thuringwethil, whence the throng in wains fled northward to end at the feet of Blue Mountains, near Dolmed, above Thalos; where for wintering they came upon a cavern, and for love and protection, Zilpharon was likewise delivered.

Now our words cannot end here, but labor we must to recite the Lay of Zhera’, of his travels after the grievous parting from Izilba, without hope of tryst or recovery of his firstborn. To him came joys and sorrows beyond foreseeing, and a promise that none likewise foresaw in the easy making, the path upon which the world’s long story would run into so great things that have yet to be revealed, but that may be in time also made known to you.



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