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gunwudu glamhoth crumguru astaldo izilbadariel ashforel

PNG: By Hell-dragon, orc, and the sinister, the valiant daughters of Izilba were first secreted.

istu-glathil issuendil alspathol gleedabu exyu-dyissel asenath

Knowing how to polish, Spiritfriends [SLM] smoothed the Exiles allowing [them], also other olden days’ maidens of Asenath,

Albutherol hannshmil algonkwil iziliendo.

and without seeming allegiance; understanding that stained by some fog [of Gorgoroth] was the folk’s true land

cramsil glowthmogu exu-dyssel framsillien akson-missil pendath ithil-u- mandosh

Gleam blushing, golden-voiced, other olden day-maiden Fram-Gleam-Sister; waterfall wetting-unshining without a bottom; the moon of Mandos,

shuroptil ithillien askerel skelitu thimso

where the back of Ithillien was torn, did strip of it afterwards the ancient things,

utherazzil grasullio iguwilfa’ grooba algothmogu feath izil-far-tu.

tempting this: swartwinds come from lowest airs, the vengeance Gothmog’s incarnate soul verily sought after.
[see earlier statement concerning Gothmog; see also fogs, and 14]

glamhothum tu-ar farsenm mithium mingwa skuzh-ol

PNG: An Orc host was afterward loose hunting, One grey host departing became cursed,

gammorol gre-shathamu ungol-athil ho’ozh intel-thu-pannorol.

being called inside a hall, spiders everywhere mating, themselves of the stink were filled.

bardil ubanthos thum issuendo athelium maska-mu-izul alaskel

PNG: A homely fortress for sake-keeping is the root of Spiritlands, comforting masses in a drear dusky place not easily seen.

grandhothu ‘ ‘shtilium thumsutherol gunno

A swarthy host about whither many roots like the breathings of dragons,

ganosh ol-fartu igu’endo atherum pendilyu-ti

the Men after reaching do become; come to the land many crossing to and fro, so without ever filling up.

ash-naz-gu ash-naz-the arfo ol-tu-assil theo-deum tadderel skatyu algontwilth

PNG: The first fetters of magic, these first rings perceived the thieves; became hence both perceptive, did the successors; the second ones were broke asunder,
leading some to leave them ever off.

gondolindri essen-dilyu papsu-az thimu gastorol ukar-ethil Gladhwenu

the Gondolindrim stopped naming them also; trembling at this, the old ones [rings] were destroyed. The spying unmade, Gladhwen
[Gladhwen is also called Irime.Irien, and by her mother, Lalwen(de); daughter of Finwe and Indis, later exiled with Fingolfin and Feanor; aka Galadriel?]

maritol manzow uggu-athatu Zhera’ thusp’th glashol uthuen zuendo iggil-maktil

abided whose healing-after is not to be. Zhera’ vomited, babbled, Wrongly, lands here agitate, slaying, cutting,

yallu-osh osh-krath krath-hoz hoz-tha! Yallum mundallu mundilli me- anth-ga.

crying about the circling about of circled peoples, of the hosts corrupt, many crying dislike the songs of unfriends: “dread the excellent gift!” [i.e., death]

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