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Of the end of an Age and Later Monuments of Heroes, Commentary by Pengolodh

Egalmoth barnadur hesupperu althamunil echarost

PNG: Egalmoth in pastures dwelt by his half brothers without the secret halls of Echarost.

[“camp in a hollow” the Encircling Mountains, Echoriath].

Gladwen animyulc-esh ezul-hoth baniwu ulmo-osh esgaldui-uin-oth pennos

Radiant splendor as of exceedingly white gulls, thus a host of the Fair Ones about Ulmo, armies upon river Esgalduin innumerable

Algazzim mithril boozhal eskatyu-dun simifal-uz-izzum

And a great many in jeweled hauberks of mithril: so the West broke asunder their imaginings born of untruth.

Gorgoroth alpanzil muther-assil ex-pectyu himsuth-er-insul panilbawa

Gorgoroth without opening, one departed near hence: a single plume it caused to cling to the winds, deliberately forcing

ingoldherin askwel gol-galu iz’uendo Kiliath esk-ah-tel bismuthan

the Noldo’s day of fading. Increasing in lore, shall the land of the Gorges Sharp and End, Bismuth[an].

plas-til grenthalo issuen endalli gasdil aforel ilu fyu.

Soon-ended the in-running torrent, for Many Spirits in the
middle were the stopgap. Were not all warned?

Izil asu’-athol mennos Artil mae-ambo glas-duin

PNG: Verily. The Wind comforted clans of that region, upon high the excellent cheer, rivers of joy! [Psalm 8]

athelu ubandil banshazil bilha-e-zilpah uzuliendo astafeliyo in’shtilamin

Healed prisoners came up, they met Bilha, she of Zilpah’s Folk of Thitherlands [Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher] feeling steadfast from whither-time-of-hope [see 3]

Daymon inthum-umo issu-athil.

Daymon, out of many roots is every spirit.

i-kallumen ikarumen alzodal inthodil

Noble heroes of the West, they made many things in the West, very great to stand upon the land.

ikallu karman harutho kallu kalimindol minthingol gilgalad

The heroes made to the Grandfathers’ hero, a tower of light in memory of wise prince Gilgalad.

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