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Voice 3 and Voice 4 discuss events upon Westernesse

Paperu inix-shtilamin godannu ameru athil upperio menel-ishtil Uglaru hokhalamel izil

Trembling for a time where is hope, the Returned-folk’s [Noldo] world on all sides dividing half to heaven-ward and the Unblessed. He exalts in love, truly.

Aferu ussuladu ifilyo aztollo issiladu enferadu ossulio glaro opferossio igildaru

Does not one alongside the winds, descend from this island? Crystals alongside, they make ready along with winds of the blessed, before reaching Ossë’s sparkling lands

uzul nimelish takarno ishtil enflaro Ossio

– thither the Whiteness (tree-mountain-tower) stands firm upon, whence they hear of Ossë.

Gleedaru ithul azkan-ashitul

V3 SLM: The Exiles breathe the first approach of this clamor.

O glaru infilio hazmilio ozul megladariel afkhil infil

Concerning the blessing: hasten to ‘our longed-for’, some place we blessed daughters did not choose hastily,

ezumeru ishtilimen owu

V4 IZB: Their throng [Exiles] is on whence-road together.

Heflario uzul inshtil-igzanul oflario orwu

SLM: I hear of thither, the future coming of men, of what is heard,

Hezkadario minil mi’esh-uzul uflario hezkadano Ithil alzkul-den

IZB: My city of the high tower, thither we named to the Sick,
for my city is under a Moon very flame-colored.

Ishil Ithil aflario glardario muful izil agano

Whither the Moon, is to hear blessing unhidden verily from death

Orzhstil azstil ifil, fyu? Azkul ifil nizil zu

SLM: From high lore, this lore descends, no? This color falls, going

Menuza eglaro aflaro ishil thilyozu alzkabbal utukku kutubbu Mithil

IZB: We are under a blessing, to hear of whither. Fading away here, Great heaps (of?) are drawn, it is sinking under a grey mist.

Al-zu Infil afil elzkil Erridu alzku.

SLM: There Hasten: Do not stars choose Eriador the Great?

hezukku kiddu aflaru opshefenru efilio muzgal I-yallu askeru zaru ziggurun opfeshenru

IZB: My ending you may hear before the threshold, emerging into unlight: the cries to wound King Sauron, before their own last breaths. (the cry, “Narsil!”)

azildu moru kle’engaro

SLM: This may Blacken the lighted things.

evflaru aszildo

IZB: Some hear by now it is so.

Enflaru aszildo

SLM: They hear it is so now?

huzukyil Uzamu estaru

IZB: She will come to an end: Uzamu is named.

O enflaru o astaru

SLM: About what do they hear concerning the Faithful?

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