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V2 and Zhera’ discuss rumors in the North,
and of the arrival of the Elendili
having fled Numenor ere the destruction of Pharazon’s fleet.

Endilyu uhulyu asformentiyu alsberago asforenzo issilibantu

V2: The friends’ battle cries of encouragement are both upon northern ways, and Among the protected Northerners. Afterward the crystals went up

alzforamen gaspaktyu igwil issuentso gasfilientu mowswerazo

on the Great Northern road, openly talking: “thus Come of Air are Seven Spirits. Opening their descent, pleasing those roundabout,

athil iswenzo bansil alsfor-atu mustafil algorentil

on all sides, maidens away.” The seedling of Nimloth [bansil] was planted north by father. Unwilling to go down, some return,

issimizal ig-alforasku phoraphil ahkish zim-su-artil edenzo crefu

thinking of far off: “Come to swan-shore? Did you (pl.) not seize far away, jewel of the realm of spirits of Eden [bansil]? Yea or nay?

asselartu gimifal tharbad harpu-enzo tre-phasku ku-athil iswityu

ZHR: the maids and so on heard Tharbad’s helmeted-ones,
though tangled was it everyplace in a fog, bringing

assorenzo ku-tiltu esselienzo alkuzel mistarfil gudhenyo argu-gu-assil

their kin afterward to its end, with their children, and without rest. Stray, slain corpses of dead hence are the noble dead.

gaspak garsil afilio mu-tu-arsil aksu-azil pakso izilba zherah’ fyu

V2: Open-talk of held crystal does not from, and-not-after, this too talk of Izilba, Zhera’, no?

Fyu-azil issil kle-afil

Does not this Crystal not light?

kartil-i-assu entil alphorol

ZHR: [it] came to an end when [her] great spirit returned without
being secreted.

ibben negil kolzurosh athil uzul ifobsel athurien

V2: The hive’s honey endures flames about on every side, thither.

Away, the sworn-maid is to the hidden realm.

ithium muzal kanothorol gasbandthu pakso banzil

It seems the filthy Rulers have been fenced in Thu’s Hole of Hell, Speaking of the Power,

kremeru kuthol ist-thil izhstillien

however, it stands as the moon-lore portends [see 1].

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