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Izilba and Silmariel discuss events in lands.

Florasgu nixe’en helorumo sithi-cambo oreskil algohambo nix’uendo

IZB: the shore-wain’s snowflakes, they are many sea-glasses of the sort for hands, Cut at dawn, some are on the ground of the frost- lands;

algonkuendo norselmo nizzil alskurando pithi-cambo alskuren

some Kwendi, leaping girls, and Women, without roughing these little hands, without marring them,

issil alskuren phisi-algurando askil eskutando mini-skil alforondo

crystals without marring of hardened sap went to rend the cursed fence cut into swan cave.

we-zan aflorenzo iz-iskil alkorando sasgkadun algorondo issil alspaku miggil

beings remote, do they not dream of true-cut brilliance going to fight the dark being of some cavern? The crystals speak not of swords.

eskeliyenzo nas-thu-albanzil eskuturo

SLM: The naked ones without power of the breath of being are curse- mastered;

alfanzil nusutharal iwyll-usu-fanzo alzforamenyo igil-zifuen

without veil, sensed far away flying to escape the clouds on the great northern road, away from the path of stars

alamedario ifuenzo alaskil iforenzo

Good omens give pause to the shadow-ones, Great joy to the Northerners

kalskil narsil espaktyu issil algoronzo gaspak-iffiliyenzo

IZB: Light-cutting “Narsil” is the name spoken through the crystals.
Someone speaks openly, their words descending

alsutteru algon-issil es-spethsil.

As an aside, ‘stone-crystal’ (Ithil-stone) is the name of the talking crystal.

nusutteru iforieno muzgil missilfaren muzgu-garbanzil fyu

SLM: Lofty sense out of the heart (premonition): un-shining, wayward
immortals hold powers over undead, no?

issil-iforenzo alspaku igzil afforentino taphorol ifu-hoxshil-entu alsutteru ig-uenzo

IZB: The crystals of the Northerners speak not of coming.
Is not the north now as under his right hand, of
They gathered to his darkness? As an aside, the coming ones,

issilpharentu eskutyaru igliendo mazkaptyal Uzgol thissifyu nissil

The Crystals they hunt after, too, causing the lands of honey to be a cursed, stirring-swamp. Born of legend, or so it smells, no? [see 14]

alskuteru iswilliyendo algor-aforenzo iskutyero mazgil assorendo.

SLM: Without cursing the folk of fog-lands, the northerners without warning shall cause to be cursed as a swamp [their] family- lands.

afillientu iskwil-bizar aforendiar iswil-forasgu alsutteren taskero ifwilien alfiarto

Do not they themselves, after the valley pales,
the northern-most wains in fog, without the winds’ labor, fly away swan-yoked?

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