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Commentary by Pengolodh

Zimulof Kloshtuz assemberaz ifponsil kurash azgonigil

Zimulof Kloshtuz, with desire for this – to retrace down this first crafted star of stone –

Guenso assemeraftil entil assu’eru mish-teez essu-egon-thil

Of the dead hoping to not end until returns the Great Spirit Eru: A wandering road we are on, on us shines the distant name,

essameru kilbaraf ithum-osh

The Name of the World shall in strength and majesty circle even
the roots.

eparanzil thuenso thimso ethu-artil me’antu-artu ithumerasu-umo moegli-entil

Before-the-time-shall-be of these beings, of the ancient ones’ realms spring forth: We raise mouths of one spirits’ many roots, and some lays return.

afken ashulyu gleedhamu go-arfu-oansu siu

Do not [you] see first a crying forth: both the exiles raised up, and those thieving bands that did incite?

Thingolsu garfactyu eflum um miso-su thee-afu glingar-ientu

Thingol-spirit went to Lower Airs to cause someone in gloom to not be, Within a group of spirits [who] did not intend to dangle high themselves.

Kurash miggil menelmakyar-zu ka ka ak ku glongol-guru

First crafted here [in Lower Airs] was the sword Old Sky-hewer, laughing too, it sang songs of death [ tales of Turin’s suicide]

Ku-i-athil azul ish-mathil mathomaran azh-naz-su

Everyplace it was; East it was felt, and felt everywhere about the land of the spirit of flame-fetters.

Tre-entaru vinyamar oansu ithmalog augum-ish-gol gou-artu onso assu

Through that yonder new home that is of the pollen, where lore- magic is no burden and grief far off, together are raised children of great spirit.

glem-aglar-athil i-assu guensu-entil arathun rash-boon dyon ruel

everywhere gleams the glory of great spirits.
The dead then return, and one climbing high upon the rock- horn is John Ruel.

Martyu misu-un aftil-assu karkarush kretharo

To destine a creature in spirit, a great spirit does not end knife- fang-tooth encircled.

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