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A report by Zhera’ of battles in Thitherlands [to V2].

Hobas aspirantu Kanish ifuen zilpharen enziarto alsuferu eksu-dyissel

V2: the harbor spins and churns with Shrieks of darkness, verily hunting them of noble blood, without [?] reaching the ancient- day maidens;

alsutteru isgwilienzo Narsil mae-ambo igsigguen alzophal nix’uen

moreover, they’ve come upon the airs: “Narsil” the excellent cheer, and also came lamentations of death, great agonies on the frost,

algohambo skiphurol usu-phuen miggil zilpharol

some on the ground poured out, to escape the dark swords: truly being hunted [see 12?].

usutuendil mistarpheno muzul alphoral sizzil garbanzo

to escape servants of wayward thieves, from Nowhere, without being secreted, glittering-daggers to hold power,

algo-hamoral aphanya-entu alskurenzil

some clothed, they unveiled themselves, truly without marring.

issu’ilwaren mephil-alaskel iskwilienzo algocramsil shupharentil issil izilba

Spirits of High Airs, being not easily seen, emerged: pale-ones, some perfectly shining. When to the hunt returned the crystal of Izilba:

kurash-zilfuen klingol kufar-assilardu ensu askar-affil uzuliendo

First-crafted-by-true-road, Light-Noldo of old, Now hence upon the Earth, So then are not wounded, the folk of Thitherlands.

istufarsul alswartil Izilba pharentu alskutteru iswil

knowing to hunt without straying, Izilba hunted them afterward, without the cursing of the fog.

assoriendo Afanya Narsil du-isiltush askorenzo uzuliendo

ZHR: Kinsfolk unveil Narsil, so may the flame spring forth to watch
with them, the folk of Thitherlands.

iswilfartu uf-u-igwil askor kuphilio ensilio su-artil

The Fog reaches after, forth come out of Airs to watch for, it falls yonder hence of the realm of spirit.

miggil repha-nilim ossulio ash-suth-enaz iskwil kilzuren astaru issu Iswil afiarto

The sword Repha-Nilim, about the spirit of first-wraith-in- bonds, is a pale heat cutting the Faithful. The spirits, the fog does not yoke.

reksu izilbadariel nizuendo entil apharu usutteru igkwanaffil alskugarol

ZHR: Saved from loss, the daughters of Izilba, women of the land return, Aforetime having escaped straightly, did not come fully without being bent to misdeeds?

howusu-tendil iffil afilienzo alskuren askwil garbanzil gaspak-il uzgu’en zoshtil-afu

V2: the feeling is they (fem.) escaped downward. Did they not without crafting them crookedly to hold powers? All openly say: born out of death is the future’s path.

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