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Commentary on the Tale of Izilba

makmahodyo izilba insil-pathu alferentil issuenso

both sword Makmahod, and Izilba, a sward of lilies without reaching, returning of many spirits then;

ahskratulo mi-emo nisutheran gren-anzo ishtil athilyo

and change came on our mother: woman sensed beyond, inner- ones whither, on all sides away;

yathu-ilo Dyacum dhy[dui]-muil athom issuteru maz-um en- thingolsu assilyo

at this time joined Jacom; secret canal, the avenue of the lofty spirits, nether-teeming yonder Thingol, hence away.

umer-ashtuliyu azh-ga-un un-giso-thun thee-nyun-ah ble bash-tun ilu morthu miso-su

first came the pair’s throng to creature of dread-flame, of thun- companion creature, [Thuringwethil] and looking like a snare, fat of meat. Cooked mound all black-stench within a group of spirits.

papsilu-eru-tun kgresh’ku atherun milo-mu assil-tu te-il-mathu gondolindri earnu-su missil

at this time the waste hill trembled, [onomat.] creature-seeming un-friendly, hence after felt them all, the Gondolindrim Earnu (under sea)-spirit, without shine.

menel-termu il-paksu dyamu ondo-gon-du il-marnu-oansu si-til- ivarn

high-heaven says, all fear not, night of stone-rock (hail?) that is all ripe fruits end today.

i-ashtu keypahmo o dilli-endu en-tarmo key-arso ensu ahsil i-yarmu izil-tu zhak’t-u

when first they (du.) may-be avenge . punish — regarding descendant-friends [of] some yonder kings — as of a high one [obj.], then, and like this, so the hidden-ancients [dual] after shall truly “zhak’t-u”

[dual.subj. pull?draw?compel?
SAK; hard
SRAK; thakta- pressure or force (against one’s will)]


so shall it be unto you



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