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Voice 5 enters into discourse with Zhera’

Miggil ausupentino uhul-u’aru mestifilo ausuthenaz garbanzil

ZHR: The swords of the specters no longer line up [Repha-nilim]; crying out encouragement in battle, we hope-will befall Specters tempted by fetters-ring to hold Powers

assilyo issudaru esselienzo mustarfil tanzo ahsedyu-issil

Hence away from weary spirits of the people’s children, those not of noble descent. Such is shown by the crystal of the ancient sunlight [Arnor Stone].

V5: Helashku issiduartil elendilu mosarfilio dennui-pitho

A glass first it was in the peaceful realm of Elendil; one of the small stones passing down to the little Dennui (Stewards-Hole- folk)

algonzil eskutyaru algohamishtul essediaro sadarfil taphumulc.

the stone verily shall bring cursing to some later thence seated, Noble-named descendant in a place high, fallen, as dark Mulker.
[Denethor, falling into flame, having used the Arnor Stone; Gandalf worried the prophecy referring to Peregrin, however.].

kementari yarda alsimizal sedyuarsil penna tyu kemish kle-engaru

Kementari [Yavanna] queen Yarda, without forethought for ancient and noble crystals without being made of soil the things of light,

alsutteru mefizh-azil u-skutharal beyombo issutheru mac-til mazzul.

As an aside, this will also emerge: being accursed from beyond, Hard-clad spirits tempting to hew and slay in the netherplaces.

Alsutteru keyarmo issil-zarmu’ Ifyu

ZHR: as an aside, the Mariner [Cirdan] has the hidden-king’s crystal [Elessar], does he not?

afkish ezhtaru alsuweren sithi-khamul arakesh.

ZHR: Do not you, the Ezhtaru [Eressëans] not go to the summoning of
shapes at Erech-other-kings?

eshziltu mae-ambo kle-entil arsu-elluwen

V5: truly only after the excellent-cheer, “light returns, the royal
spirit, daughter of Ellu [Thingol-Elwe],” [i.e., Luthien].

Essaru algondolindo arvui-ennen-path paksu s’pizaru:

V5 : The stone of Gondolin, the Days of Smooth Water talks, whispering

makhmahodyu issil-afonzo kartil kremeru uzul zarfu-assidaru isselienzo

“Makhmahod [forged sword of Izilba, 5, Gurthang]
being not of crystal comes to an end. However, thither are dark- kings shut in a hole with their children,

fre-thamu klamptero algonzo.

Before the time the hall is blaze-ravished by somebody.”

Ithium nazdil pennath skiphurol issimethil tu’antu ku’esh zilpharol

V5: It seems the bond-servants without welcome were gushed forth; with final thoughts, last in the mouth was it named, ‘the truly hunted.’ [7]

tyec-mathilu Izilba Zherah fyu Fi’arsilio mentilth nimel-iz-asu

All the hewing you (fam.) feel is Izilba, Zerah, no?
The last breath hence at the day’s end sent the true white spirit,

usu-azil fre-anthu tre-aswil.

thus to escape before the time, upward through flight.

Gokhamul ithzu sidhyaro ithilartu megladaro uzul azil-fyu?

V5: called together, here seemed like the peace of ancient days: After the rising of the moon, the end of our glory;
thither was this also, no?

Maekanthu garbashku asuthenaz gobind’allu azkuz END

Excellent flaming [moon] to have at first it was,
asuthenaz (‘tempting fetters’) gathered on the slopes crying, “this is it!”

im’preshtar azil ishtul athil mennig ug-il-athu

V5: The same trouble, this has arrived everywhere: the little places, Everywhere-all-is-Not-to-be.

ashku swilienta iskwil iz-ishki zimulof kloshtuz.

First it is on that yonder pale air, then you (pl.) truly shall see bejeweled slave Kloshtuz

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