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plas-dil kiliath assemberu nimelish usth-iski gorgorth-u omerasu oothoo grenthalo

soon stopped at Kiliath (Gorge), with a dwelling whiteness; cloud-burning pale from Gorgoroth, a throng of spirits seven, the in-running torrent,

az-kerashil gredabu glentu-isgil izil therafu theem grenthalu

this earthened first: the inner-ones after travel away to stars truly.

Does it not Appear seeming to depict? The inner-torrent,

usthedabu issuen glashku-athil neem-entu issu-istil assu-bamu allaham ithyu illio

The cloud-burning spirits they joy in it, everywhere
It appears (judging) to themselves, spirits know the Not-God- Great Spirit judges-deems not any of them, among all things

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[Note: A twentieth text was included in Words of Them Which Have Slumbered]