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In which Izilba and Silmariel discuss plans among the Faithful

O astaru igzil i-meno Aflaru utukkuru gleedario is-shil.

IZB: Concerning the Faithful: coming to meeting places, hearing it was also sought by those exiled away whither. (imeno, the meeting place)

azildaru O enflaru kuttuku azilio me-stifilio enzaru

SLM: This is so. About such: They hear it drawing this [meeting
place] we hope-will befallen yonder kings

O astarumo.

IZB: Concerning many of the Faithful?

gozaldo ishtaru O uflaru

SLM: Now together Wheresoever. Concerning the Sick?


IZB: They search for it.

he-zalku kutaernu kutaerbo

SLM: It is remote from me. It is underneath, it is straight ahead…

O anzildo estaru kuzukku izildo astaru

IZB: Concerning what is now the name ‘kuzukku’ (it is ending, from
Hoz.2): it is truly now the Faithful.

rumilio O uflario estario huzku ifil:

SLM: From Rumil also concerning the Sick (‘uflario’ from Pap.3, said
of the city): for that is the name of she that is fallen.

afil ithil aszil gozil gazil guzil fyu?

Is not the moon near gathering unto the gaping hole, That utterly consumes (in flame), no?
[prophecy from the “Sayings of Rumil” concerning the moon, eclipsed, then reddened, and consumed]

alsildu estaru kozanimil kuturru uzul

May hence the name ‘slender-far-Whiteness,’ [the white tree?] be conquering thither?

Afkil azildu estruzil

IZB: Do you not choose – this maybe — to name it rightly?

o estrawu fyu-marzu alzkil

Concerning Estrawu [“Eshtaru,” Eressea, the Lonely Isle]: Is not home here a great choice?

evflaru utukkarru azildu minishtil-azil assu-eru uzul

some hear it was drawn – this may be so – this tower-ward Assu-eru (Manwe);

essaru anzilpa takaro uflaru azul gobanzil assidaru egzel-eshtaru ozul

SLM: thither the stone Anzilpa is fixed upon. The Sick eastern people
of powers will stop, resting at Eressëa (“Estrawu”) whereabouts.

eshtaru afil nuzukenu akzildo

Eressea does not go under the soil, shall now be far away


IZB: ‘Eressea’?

azilio en-uhilyo ossiaro alganzul aflaru ashtil azweru nixtal akkudu

SLM: to this are the children from King Ossi’s varied places,
Hearing first this swirling, fled into the Outer Night:

ezmaru azil azkil tukudukkaru Ashilyu hufuliyu ezshtaru akzul

their home is thus this choice: maybe searching after,
to bring out both First-of-All: [Varda], and She-of-Night [Nienna] Eressea shall be far away

Enmenalzudu enmenalkuzu.

Yonder path to Great Night; yonder path near the ending.

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