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The Shadowing of Avallonë on Eressëa

arvui-ennen-path avalloni askalturon igsigguen algonzo thues-tu

PNG: The Days of Smooth Water [see 9] at Avallone, the conquerors

overshadowed, comes a lament from someone after a wrong.

insil-ath-uen instiliyo garbanzil guthaeral insu ithmalon-ga-antha

lillies on every land, out of lore to hold power, were inflamed. Out of them gives a dread powder of yellow pollen,

hyssippu mallorno g’re-sharpu athil bootha-mili-silfanzil dyemu maskaptyal garthol

The hyssop to the Mallorn. Inside were thieves among
the pools of seeds of true white shining-Silpion.
Before dawn something broke asunder, being wrongly held.

issil thusp’th draco inthil alguen narsil narsil-tu izil-du-athu fyu?

crystals were vomited by the wolf [see 5], fading, without dying did the white fire-narsil. After the white fire-narsil, truly shadows were on all sides, no?

papsu-enzil nazdil daymon tre-askwil puzh-azzil menel-tel tiliath

they trembled, the ring-wraiths, daymon, through crookedry, this blew out the last sky all a-glimmer blue.

ku-ascaru ithil grauth-akil prilleima

rushing away was the moon; extreme darkness turned swift and quick.
[begins the prophecy of Elros regarding the “Moon of Mandos”?]

ki’abroan-hathu istaru menelmakyil plas-tu ithu-az guzh-ortho-pu massil

The axe of Kiabroam the Wise shall be in the heavens hewing soon after this moon seems to rise in blown flames, cooked is

thu-tu-athanatu silmariel elrossonu thim’p-su g’rethil ammonu-u- ‘shtillien

The Land of Gift after Thu. Silmariel [see 11] and Elros the Pure the couple ancient of days, climbed into the mount of foretelling,

nusutharan iziltu mwalthu-mazgul uw mwal-gosh-aggil

sensing vigorously: Verily after golden mires together, the bright star of horror stirs [the eye of Sauron]

entu andobar-bar-thu k’rash-makar

and returns the gatehouse of the fortress of Thu [Baradur] first made by the god of battle [Melko].

iggil gu’ensu gleethamu i-feanorienzo-ion ‘sutheral

agitated, the Dead then sing in the halls the lays of the folk of Feanor sensed beyond.

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