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Guidance from Voice 2 to Voice 1 [Zhera’], suggests that V1 is unfamiliar with the territory, its dangers, and so on.

Azanulbizar kutaerbo kutaernu Azanulkizar Meneltermo

V1: The valley of shadows (‘znlbzr), it is directly onward,
It is straight below the shadow of your king’s Pillar of Heaven.

Kuzel ‘nZabar athil gudenyo athil moru afilyo Kazakhel

It rests in Lands of Lords [zen’nabar]: on all sides, the dead of slain corpses, everywhere the Primordial Black does not from Kazakhel (headwaters).

ishil kazilaeru muspitilo efillyo garsae

V2: whither the doing is of un-wisdom, emerge away to hold the

Azano tre-eskwatarno uhilyo Moru muzal Kanosh efvlataerno

The Shadow through the crooked nobles, followers of the Primordial Black, is a filthy Ruler under an emerging power.

Eglaru Izilba Izilba uzul

V1 [ZHERA’]: Bless Izilba! Izilba is thither.

akuma uzul kerona O garsezh ifil

V2: The Void also is thither, at the new moon. Concerning having
rest at the cliffs:

afil helorumo apuhlyo inizh-stil Zherah’ fyu

Does not much sea-glass bear out lore of the later age, Zherah, no?

Afilyo instilyo azan-kesh uthaeru morthu mi’izesh uglaru Inthil astaru gleedaru fyu

Does not lore from other shadows tempt Morthu (Noldorin for Sauron), so we [addressee-excluded] shall be called Unblessed, fading Faithful Exiles, no?

Afan uferu uhulyu gezan istil igzan-issil

Unveiled not-mortals pour forth both ever-longinquitous lore, and crystals come of longinquity.

temeru asildu kenwero aglan infilyo assilio athello infelyo Azanulbizar

the smith may hence behold a great light. Hasten away hence to be healed out of the caves of Azanulbizar

Tre-flaru uflar-ephil e’fil-azkan Kazan, kremeru uglaru izhshtillien O enflaru.

Through hearing, emerge [from] sickness; this clamor falls by causes remote, despite unblessing portents about which they hear.

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