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Zhera’ has taken a throng of sea-wains to Middle-Earth, “Hitherlands”

Hezumeru alaskel fumero taskerel igzan-izel tapheren Hezuperu kholaskel

ZHR: My throng is not easily seen; at sleep, having labored, far come to rest; as if in a beech-jar, I endure enclosed and unseen.

Ishiz’l zuper-sil miggil makmahod zilpharen

Wheresoever its shine shall endure, the sword Mahkmahod verily hunts them

O alzgul kanishiggenzul ekzush alskuren thingol hesupperion

V2: concerning the mighty sorcerers [them] whose shrieks come upon many places, of olden days without marring, they were Thingol’s consanguineal half-sons (Numenoreans through Luthien),

fre-theru alputh uferion

before-times-seeming without birth; sons of not-mortals.

forsutteru hezumeru afkin enzil kolazgel

ZHR: The north winds my throng does not splinter, shall yonder bear
this triumph.

O zumerasil ish-kin ifzindel florasku hezumerashkul forafkul

Concerning wishes hence: when small splinters from Sindel.grey elves’ shore-wains to my throng’s first load, [yet] the North did not load.

afkilzendul eh’sutteru Forameno assilyo

Do not the six forth straight from Fornost, hence away?

O zupFerendel Karosh alz-gudenyo h’izh-u-Earendel

V2: Concerning these un-Dead Six: makers of heaps
of slain corpses of the seed of Earendel
[‘made ones’, the six Easterlings given rings of power, currently spreading the rule of Ziggurun . Sauron across the northern lands; suggesting the other three being “black Numenoreans” have joined with Ar-Pharazon to lead his armada in siege of Eressëa.]

wingelosh inishtiliyeno usukeno alzgul afkil-enzo inishzul.

Wingelot of timeless lore escaped earth; so the mighty sorcerers do not follow them to the age-thither.

Alsuteru h’zsh u(g)’kendo igzil-aforeno.

ZHR: As an aside, perhaps the seed of Shadowland to the north shall

Izilba i’ku’en o kalafel:

Izilba spoke concerning caves of light.

alzgo nusutharal iflorenzo mi-inkesh gozaldo fero uhtumno

V2: Descendants sense across the beyond out of dreams.
Our [dual, addressee-exclusive] thought: gathering now are mortals of Utumno.

iglaru endaru hosh-ipfel-iyenzo

The Radiant, they halt the armies gone out of their caves

alsuken diniel izilba alspaku glameru hi-izesh

ZHR: Not talking of them, she is silent.
Izilba speaks not: echoing this call [explained in 14]:

draco-glariel afin-issil alzgul uzul hezmero Godannel

“Glowing-shewolf, crystals-opened-out-of – a great sorcerer thither our Festival Of The Returned –
[held during the new moon?]

atheru issil asenath gleedariel athanu hazpan igzan-issel gezan

“— seeming as the crystals of Asenath’s exiled daughters; on all sides, men deliberately hacked up the maidens come-of- longinquity ever-remote.

gloriel asuth-enaz askeru isildu aferu gozanipel asteru.

“Golden specter-fetter [One Ring] wounds one, Isildur, does not one of the long-waning Being-Essences?”

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