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Having obtained a “dwarf-glass,” Izilba contacts Silmariel after the seas have begun to stir.

Banafil alzgorafal ikuendu ispientallu alsutteru igfiendo algonkwil ifaliendo,

SLM: Do not the beautiful and fair (Bana), do not the greatly revered Kwndi Elves not know wisdom like that? [causing the seas to stir] As an aside, fallen upon the lands has come some fog of the coastlands.

ipsweral miggil makmahodyo alspiarto mizzil-ifyu

That was a mistake about the sword Makmahod, and of the mouths [see 6, “zilpharol”]. Untrue, no? [see 9]

azul-imeno imelifuarzo ippenas gluc-til silfaren alzbaggil

Heading East, beloved ones abhor those standing by to settle debts [dwarves], like this enough are in great markets.

ensu’eru silmariel nusutharen

IZB: Then Silmariel does sense them beyond?

feanaro aro-ngoldhoren ithium uzul alsu thissifyu ipfu-hazzil masto mic-u-anzo

SLM: Feanor, king of the Noldor, seems thither nearby seen, no? Rushing headlong on a path to the village these [beloved ones] are among,

therium-gu ban-u-simizal gathol uther-enzo

a host of dead faces think of going against the fortress of the tempted-ones [the nazgul]

pakso-yu-til manygu-ath-izil gaspaktyu kle-engol sim-faral

IZB: Reports of the End, both in every truth are lacking, and because,
openly speaking, the Light-wise [Noldo] considered sufficiently:

nuz usulothien asberaflo gwanthissil penno

underneath they escaped to Lorien by way of the protection whispered of beautiful crystals innumerable.

isgil-wil’ifaren ku-athil aswu-makil

Flying away to the stars, [however] on everyside it was a hewing of bone

Izilba flu-affil brin-sil-beriand

SLM: Izilba, do not smoke the dwarf glass of Beleriand-protection

Izilba su-artil iffilienzo naspak glucurol thimiun alspaktyu orzbal kammorol-tu piltu

Izilba, realm of spirit’s downfallen ones be-it-so talk: having trespassed olden creatures — without speaking of a proceeding to rise after lying down, following a blow

flieth-essu kraftillio maz ensu’eru plas-ferrol fartu kutil

— unlike this, the so-named Sickhood were pressed down into nether-mire.
Then One did it quickly. Sufficient to end it utterly.

ensu kutil arthu-enthu-arden gammorol ti-fyu azorrol

IZB: Then it ends. The realm called Arda has been gained.
Is not the way arisen?

askesh-iz klaspaktyu izzil eskgondo ifial’tu kle-ngol

SLM: Yea, by another light speaking so: Verily Sharp stones of great
size fall after the light Noldo.

Algonkuendo megla-artil izilbadariel essuendil il-fararsen gwez- assorol

V5: Some Kwndi [say] now, we bless the realm of Izilba-daughters, named friends, the shores forgive all and welcome the family;

istu-pendath iffalaz in’shtillien ukaru-uz zimfaroth zim-tu-endacil.

knowing to not fall into abyss upon the coast, Foretell out the unmaking of the hosts of jewel hunters, vanquished by those [dual] jewels.

Fartil eskutyaro nazdil suth-aro glamth-fu if-thizbal orsu owu gleedarol.

V5: Until the accursed lords, the bond-servants, and specter-lords of dark-hate, away down to dust, alas, are together exiled.

Flupferol ‘ien-ku-endi allashkuzol kramerol opshes-enru tu-ardil olgam-assil-wu.

V5: Being utterly smoked, the heartland it will be first washed, being flushed; before they themselves in the after-world become hideous hence together.

Pensif-bosel Pengolod ongwo-rol.

SLM: having not gone to my rest, Pengolodh, I am pained. —

Izilbadariel hus-fummerel gleedabu kle-engaru fyu asil kruth.

SLM: Izilba-daughters are crowded, desire sleep. The Exiles permit
things of light, no? For hence is spume, foam and froth.

Gothmogu gowndthu kammorol band-igmu ge-assil gurnig k’lassu.

Pengolodh [V5]: Gothmog the devised one was laid down;
Hell comes not ever near hence, little-heart, spirit of light.

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