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Izilba converses with Silmariel about the caves of captives.

Cabrayzay-cabuano kholapfel ifuen banzil Goferrel ifuenzil kolash IZB: Made to serve behind white heat shut in a cave in darkness, the

Power’s mortal-folk shall the shadows first endure,

izzil eskugendarol iz-guendil similish alforol eskutando garforol ganosh-if-izzil

verily being accounted accursed. True servants of death today seedify without being secreted, a cursed gate [to paths of dead] keeps the secreted: the truly fallen Men,

esselienzo essel-alforol muful alzul siu al-guzhakil gwenassoral simifal ho’ozh

and Their children – the children not being secreted are unhidden – hither inciting by flames extreme, Kindred virgins to know bare sex,

askeru ifu salienzo askerel pennui taphoozil kolakshil alforol

Tearing in the dark upon their blessed ones. Rending without thought, like the disgusting shall endure far away whither without being secreted.

Hufuenni istil ithuen Aragorn u arwenna

SLM: the Feanturis’ [Nienna, Mandos, Lorien, gods of the
Underworld] know the being Aragorn of the noble maiden.

afkish alzgorenzil algohamoral ifuenzo

Is not your great reverence to go somehow clothed by the dark?

eskutandil entil alskuteru ishiz’l alphoren phorasku

A friend of accursed, returns without cursing;
going withersoever, be it upon swans and rude wains,

alskoral ishu-hu-opfel algorol algoronzo eskutando

without being shut in where shades are before caves being without fear of somebody’s accursed gate.

muful alzgul nimelish iffil iswilienzo taskerel uzh-azzil alsorol

unhidden, mighty sorcerer [in] whiteness descends – these fogs having labored – and this lord shall be born out of this [cave?] without being enthroned.

ef-senzhyu sensil issil albutaffil alsoren ish-azil ozul askerel.

usually both emerge: loose light crystals that do not serve them without throne; Where these are, somewhere are the wounded.

Muful ohskutanzo alsweral issutandu alferen apheru iskwa

IZB: unhidden about the cursed-ones roundabout is a fence of spirits. Without reaching them, are not they quickening crooked?

afforal is’ig-igonzil essenzo ishtuferendo eskwerel

Does not the North lament what has come, the named-ones, Where-after the Dead Six have radiated out?

Yallu Nimelosh ahskwef-atil aferentu ussuliendo uzul askil assorantu aforendil

IZB: Crying, “Nimloth, returns in a great reek,” do not they in lands of spirit? Thither divides afterward the high-seats given to Northfriends

estyu-askorol Thium uthaerashnath assiladu azwilifin issu’atil

that had waited upon hope. It seems the tempting AshNath (“First Guest”, aka Thu), hence alongside this craft of the air [the white fog] has returned in spirits.

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