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Commentary on Tale of Izilba

Esamuru Valgus ith-pbonsu alcu-thru aftil

Out-upwarded good-heat, powder-hill evil-shields, does not end

Glan-danu igzil asuthuru medi-onsu

Clear-bright-day (for 24 hours), coming spirit-tempted child to eat

Nathan em u-kissil zil-dyasu

Father (ancient) named un-cleaves true-ancient-spirit

Sidhi-yaro banafil-u istu glan-danu gleedh-yasu shozhu o-entiaro

Of the ancient realms of peace: does not fair one know, on clear- bright-day exiled once upon a time spirits baptized, together centered?

onsu ah affer-atu tildiar-entu klee-asu ombozu

child and father-do not breath, covering themselves in spirit of light here pooled

Ever has it been the will of Eru that no good man be harmed in his work. [Additional Private]

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