Initially we tried using a public resource that allowed all annotations to be visible by default but that proved unsustainable as the annotations began to overpower the actual texts. So instead, we’ve switched to a private annotation tool.

That’s not to suggest the collaboration is meant to be exclusive…well, ok maybe a little exclusive because there are a few ground rules to joining the collaboration. The rules are only meant to hold us to maintaining the goal of the site, however, not to chase people away. To that end, here are the rules:

  1. Please keep annotations relevant to the stated goal of reimagining the BOM in the context of the Tolkien legendarium. The private collaboration group is not meant to be anyone’s personal study journal. Having said that, the goal is to pose ideas, questions, and engage in collaboration, so don’t be shy about posting. But please limit posts to those that fit with the purpose of the site.
  2. Be nice/cool etc. We’ll collaborate better if we like each other, right?

That’s it. Two rules. If you can live with those and want to join the collaboration, fill out the contact form (be sure to include your email address) and we’ll send you the link to join. We’d love to have your input!