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The days of prophets and of thieves

Account of the days of Helaman II
Account of the labors of Nephi
The prophecies of Nephi
Interlude on the Nature of Man
The prophecy of Samuel
The Book of Nephi
Introduction to the Abridged Plates of Nephi
Continuation of the Book of Nephi

The visit and words of Jesus

The voice of doom
Lesser words of Jesus
Interlude on translation
Address to Israel and to the gentiles
Last books of Nephi

The writings of Mormon and Moroni

The Book of Mormon
The middle record of Mormon
The witness of Mormon
The flight of Mormon
Mormon finishes his record
Final address of Mormon
Moroni finishes the Record of Mormon

History of the Jaredites

The abridged history of the Jaredites
Destruction of the Jaredites

Book of Moroni

Sermon of Mormon
Epistles of Mormon to Moroni
Last exhortation of Moroni

And the people of Nephi began to prosper
Again in the land, and began to multiply and
To wax exceedingly strong again in the land.

And they began to grow exceedingly rich. But
Notwithstanding their riches, or their strength,
Or their prosperity, they were not lifted up in
The pride of their eyes. Neither were they
Slow to remember the Lord their god.


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