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The Plates of Nephi

Introduction to the Book of Nephi
Engraving of the words of Lehi
Engraving of the writings of Lehi
Account of the taking of the Plates of Brass
Record of Nephi’s proceedings in his days
The wilderness vision of Lehi
Account of the reign and ministry of Nephi
The wilderness vision of Nephi
Account of the voyage to the promised land

Small Account of the Priests in the Kingdom of Nephi

Introduction to the ministry plates
Words of Nephi and Isaiah
The testament of Lehi
The sorrows of Nephi
Introduction to the plates of the priests
The words of Jacob the brother of Nephi
Words of Isaiah given to the people of Nephi
Prophecies of Nephi
Final writings of Nephi
The record of Jacob
The temple sermon of Jacob
Jacob on the Parable of Zenos
Jacob concludes his record
The Book of Enos
The Book of Jarom
The records of Omni, Amaron, Chemish and Abinadom
The record of Amaleki

Words of Mormon

And now, verily I say unto you, that an account
of those things that you have written, which have gone
out of your hands, is engraven upon the Plates of Nephi.

Yea, and you remember it was said in those writings that
a more particular account was given of these things
upon the Plates of Nephi? And now, because the account which is
engraven upon the Plates of Nephi is more particular
concerning the things which, in my wisdom, I would bring
to the knowledge of the people in this account, therefore,
you shall translate the engravings which are on the Plates of Nephi,
down even till you come to the reign of King Benjamin, or until
you come to that which you have translated,
which you have retained.

Instruction to Joseph Smith, ca. 1829.

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