Volume 1

The Plates of Nephi and the Small Plates of Jacob

The translation from the Plates of Nephi giving an early history of Lehi and Nephi, as added by Joseph Smith in 1829, alongside the “small account” kept by the first priests of the new Nephite kingdom.

Volume 2

Mormon’s Abridgment of the Records
of the Kings and Priests

The detailed history of Nephite civilization as kingship gave way to the reign of judges, as drawn from the writings of the high priests. It covers the books of Mosiah, Alma, and Helaman.

Volume 3

Words of Jesus, History of Jaredites,
and the Writings of Mormon and Moroni

The teachings and acts of the resurrected Jesus among the survivors of the destruction brought by his crucifixion, traditionally found in Third and Fourth Nephi. It also gives us Moroni’s history of the Jaredites from the Book of Ether. Included here are the books of Mormon and of Moroni, recording the first writings of Mormon, and the last works completed by his son.